Acid reflux disease

What is Acid reflux disease?
It is a condition in which there is reflux of contents from stomach back to esophagus. When any type of food is taken, there is secretion of acid within stomach which is necessary for digestion. During this reflux there is reflux of acid which is mixed with food content leading to severe discomfort, heartburn, chest pain and cough. Certain food which contain more spice or are hot should be avoided. Tobacco or taking pain killers also secretes acid which leads to reflux. Acid reflux symptoms disrupts daily routine, patients usually preferred to be symptom free as soon as possible due to severe discomfort.

What is this medication used for?
These drugs low down the acid production and acid secretion by stopping certain enzymes, along with medicine diet plays a vital role. As the age increases acid reflux is a common condition, with fear of this patients avoid taking food, but this condition make it worse. If left untreated it disrupts lining of stomach and esophagus leading to development of cancer.


Why is it important to take this medication regularly as prescribed?
Patients are usually required to take these medications until symptoms are resolve. They should not stop taking these medication unless the doctor advises to do so. Usually taken after meal and make sure medications are taken as prescribed as skipped doses lengthen the period of medicines involving further side effects. Talk to the doctor/ pharmacist in case of any side effects or dose adjustment, if required.

Possible Side effects
All medicines can cause some side effects. In most cases those side effects are not serious. Inform the doctor, if do not feel well after taking these medicines. The doctor may change the medicine if needed.


Warnings and Precautions
Patient should inform the doctor about any other illness or medicines that he/she may be taking. Drugs for acid reflux disease usually do not have any specific warning and precaution. These are taken in very condition, have no link to any other disease which make these medicines restricted.

What should I do if I forget to take this medication?
Take the prescribed dose as soon as you remember there should be adequate interval between doses. Do not take extra dose as it reduces acid secretion to a level where food is not properly digested.

How to store these medications?
Keep the medicine in the original package with product leaflet and patient information. Store in dry place at room temperature. Keep it away from the reach of children.

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